It sounds easy, but blogging consistently and engaging readers is harder than most people think.
It sounds easy, but blogging consistently and engaging readers is harder than most people think.

Writing a blog should be easy.

Full of original thought and feeling. 200-300 words max. Images to make them look good and comments from your audience that inspire and engage. But it isn't for some.

The pressure of coming up with regular ideas can be tough on people who are already stretched running their own business or with their own full time job to do on the side.

You need to be in the right head space, know your audience, have fresh ideas and keep up with deadlines.

Consistency IS important when blogging. If you commit to blog once a week then you need to blog once a week and not just repost the same content from last week. So my top advice is to pick a timeline that works for you and your life. It is okay to blog once a month provided you blog every month (I probably wouldn't blog any less than monthly). Blogging once a day is HARD. Don't do it to yourself unless you are a professional!

Know that it will take time to attract followers. Don't be disappointed if it takes some time. Know your audience and give them what they want. Always keep in mind, why would my audience read this blog?

Use images, ALWAYS. Nobody wants to just stare at a computer screen of straight text. If you write a long blog post, use multiple images to break up the body of text.

Make your heading the star. Your audience will decide to read your blog or not based on the heading. I could have called this blog "Tips for writing a blog" but instead went for "Blog Writing Success Tips". My keywords "Blog Writing" are front and centre and I am enticing you in to be successful.

Encourage comments. You have the power to delete any junk but don't stop your audience from engaging. Always respond to comments to continue to dialogue and feel good that someone is reading your blog post.

What great blogs do you read?

Follow these tips for success with your own blog and contact me if you would like more details on my blog writing services.