Net Mentor manages Adwords campaigns for a number of clients. We also teach people how to run their own Adwords campaigns but we know that Adwords is not for everyone.

Some services for example aren't suited to an Ad campaign.

Burning through the budget

What can happen if you try to run an Ad campaign is very quickly your budget will get used up but you will find that you aren't getting any further sales or enquiries from the expenditure.


Often times it has to do with browsing. People on the internet are browsing for ideas or bargains. They will happily click from website to website looking for something.

This isn't definite buying behaviour, it's browsing behaviour and they are not the type of shoppers or customers you want clicking on your ads if budget is a consideration.

My advice, go for keywords with intentions. So say you own an online shop that sells chocolate, rather than bidding for "chocolate" you may want to bid for the cheaper alternative of "online chocolate shop". You can see that the person who typed online chocolate shop is showing more intention to buy chocolate online. It can be more cost effective and is definitely more targeted towards your desired audience.

Keeping up with the big guys

But not all ad campaigns are created equal, sometimes the market is so saturated with competition you may have to bid $30+ for a keyword and given that not every click results in engagement, that is a big gamble to make.

My advice here is, go for the keywords with less competion (obviously). I call this low hanging fruit. If your budget is limited why bid on $30+ keywords when you can bid on $1.50 keywords. You will have more of a chance of engagement when your whole budget isn't spent on 1 click a day.

Early Days

Othertimes, you may be selling a product or service that is so new that no one is searching for it online yet.

My advice then is to hold off running adwords and go for a content strategy to create information and education online first. People need convincing. You can't expect people to commit to buy if they have never heard of the product or service before. Give some evidence or proof.

Then once you get some traction, consider search engine marketing a little later down the track.


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