We are just 3 short months away from the B2B Expo to be held in Melbourne and Sydney Australia this year. Who is going? Who is presenting? How many business cards should I order? Well why not tweet about the event and we might all just find out.

The official hashtag for the event is


When there are over 320 Million Twitter accounts in the world, it is a sad state of affairs that only 2.7 Million of those are in Australia. Does that mean it isn’t the right social media channel for us Aussie’s or that we aren’t sure what we should be doing on there?

From my experience it is more the latter. People get nervous when representing their Company or brand not just on Twitter but across all the Social Media Platforms. True it isn’t like your personal Facebook page but it is a way to give your brand or business a personality of its own. Communicate with the community at large, your peers, your customers and your potential new clients.

It’s about providing a voice and personality to your business or brand. What does your business stand for? What news is interesting to your business or industry? Where are you headed in the future and what does that mean for your customers. This is especially relevant to those of us with international interests given the majority of Twitter users are overseas.

It may just come down to knowing what you want to do on Twitter, perhaps be a thought leader, just be a thought sharer, or my favourite for client’s be a competition spy? There is definitely something for everyone.

My advice, if you haven’t already, get a Twitter business account. Encourage all your staff, clients and suppliers who are on Twitter to follow you and don’t forget to follow them back! Follow your competition and start to join in the conversation.

Start small, #B2BExpo16 is a super easy way to join the conversation with industry leaders, fellow exhibitors and visitors at the event. You can share where you are at the Expo, you can tell people about the amazing people at the @_NetMentor stand in the Sydney Exhibition Hall (shameless self promo), or you can requote amazing advice you learn on the day to share with your own followers.

If you are reading this blog post then you are going to be at the B2B Expo this year, let’s tweet about it!