How to get more Instagram followers:

Give To Get Strategy

This month I want to talk about Instagram and the challenge of growing your followers. Anyone who is starting up on Instagram for personal or business reasons will understand what I am typing about when I say "challenge".

It used to be that those who posted most would get a) the most impressions and b) the most followers.

But times change, algorithms get smarter and it seems to me that “give to get” is the most rewarding strategy at the moment.

What I mean by this is, Instagram is a community, if you want people to like your posts and follow your account you need to be just as active (a good community member). Be warned though, that doesn’t mean that everyone who likes your post will follow you back just because you follow them.

It just increases your chances.

Look at the super accounts that were set up years ago and have thousands of followers. They were fortunate to grow their accounts in the golden era. What I want you to see is that these accounts were or still are active in their community - liking, commenting, sharing and reposting.

You can’t just wait for the followers to find you, you need a strategy.

My strategy is simple:

  1. Find your niche – for example, if you are a mechanic you want to surround your account with complimentary accounts. Not necessarily other mechanics, although if you do, go for ones not in your own neighbourhood or town. Think tyres, classic cars, car shows, motorbikes, motor magazines, bloggers etc
  2. Become active in your niche - follow accounts (preferably new accounts that are also growing their follower list!), like and comment on other posts that are relevant and your follower count will grow.
  3. Post consistently – if you don’t want to post every day, don’t. Pick a posting timeline that suits you and your lifestyle, then stick with it. People will begin to expect your regular posts.
  4. Don't skimp on #hastags - Instagram is not Twitter, you can use a bunch of hashtags per post. Keep track of what you do use and what gains you the most action from your post. Reuse those successful hashtags again and again.
  5. Cleanse your follower list – if you follow loads of accounts and they don’t follow you back and also don’t post much content, unfollow. You don’t want to get in to a situation where you follow thousands of accounts but only have 10 followers yourself. Other followers are likely to read in to that, that you aren’t worth following. Try and keep it even - Followers to Following. It’s nothing personal.
  6. If in doubt, outsource – If you feel like you can’t keep the momentum going, hire someone like net Mentor to act on your behalf. We assume your account as you and post, like, comment and repost on your account’s behalf. Too easy!

If you are a visual person or are in business with a product then Instagram is definitely a social media platform worth considering. Don't expect to have a following like @taylorswift overnight but if you stick with your strategy you will get more Instagram followers.

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