This month I’m blogging about the importance of a mailing list and how to get more subscribers signing up.

Do you have an email signup or mailing list associated with your website? Is it over 5000 emails long? If so and you email out regularly and get new signups often then go get yourself a coffee, this blog is not for you.

The rest of us need to get with the program.

With the growth of the online marketplace, online learning and online shopping, how do you propose to 1. Get new customers and 2. Sell your wares.

Through your mailing list of course, hence this blog. So here are the top 5 things you can do to grow and use your mailing list to benefit your business

  1. Offer an incentive – when growing your list, you want to give people a reason to want to hear from you. It could be a contest, it could be a joke a month is included with your newsletter or that on sign up they will receive a discount to your awesome online courses (self promotion, tick)
  2. Mail out consistently – if you run a monthly blog, then email every month in the same week every month. People learn to expect your message at the due date. Don’t leave them waiting and don’t be too haphazard.
  3. Provide the opportunity for people to find out more, ALWAYS – this is a little on the SEO side of things but you want to internal link to somewhere else on your website for the people that want to know more even if it is just to contact you for more information.
  4. Treat your Mailing List with respect - Don’t spam them, don’t forget to message them and Ask them for feedback so your messages can only get better.
  5. Write to your audience like you want to teach them or show them something awesome - Don’t just try to sell them things. You want to become a trusted source and when they are ready to buy they will (or should) remember you.

Everyone receives way too many emails as it is, make your emails worth it and you will get more subscribers.

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