Keyword Research Best Practices

I love keyword research. Who knew that where you put the space in a word could make such a difference! The task generally shouldn’t take you too long but my main piece of advice if you are going to undertake Keyword Research for yourself is, don’t rely on only one source.

You want to develop a longish list of possible relevant keywords that you can test in the Google Adwords, keyword tool. Don’t close yourself off to all the possibilities because as I will show you, even missing an ‘s’ can make a massive difference.

Let’s take a Dog Grooming business in Sydney Australia as one example:

  1. You could choose to use "Dog Groomers" which achieves 1600 Sydney searches per month
  2. Or "Local Dog Groomers" with only 10 searches per month
  3. Even if Local search was your focus, you would not choose to focus your content on such a low volume search term.

My next example is for a Daycare centre in Sydney:

  1. The main keyword is obviously "Daycare" with 480 searches per month
  2. More specifically "Day care centre" receives a respectable 260 searches per month
  3. but if you choose not to use the space between Day and care "Daycare centre" you are only aiming for an audience of 30 searches per month for the whole of Sydney.

Lastly I wanted to focus on something specific such as a Mens Hairdresser:

  1. The top keyword is "Mens haircut" achieving 2900 Sydney searches per month
  2. With the intention of someone else cutting mens hair "Mens hairdresser" receives 390 searches per month
  3. but add an s and you loose out on 350 of the searches per month with "Mens hairdressers" only achieving 40 searches per month.

Keyword Research for SEO

I find with regards to SEO and your keyword choice, the trick is to not go for the obvious attack. You want to circle your main keyword instead.

Without giving away all of my trade secrets, one way to do that is through long tail keywords. Now that you know what keywords are best, try to formulate a list of long tail keyword phrases that include your keyword.

Taking the Mens Hairdresser example. Long tail keyword phrases could include:

"Sydney Salon for Mens Haircuts"


"Mens Hairdresser XXX" [you would enter suburb here to focus on your local area]


Once you have your list, it is time to apply good On page SEO practice to focus your relevant web page or blog.

With a little more time and thought on word choice it will definitely get you headed in the right direction for your audience.

Good Luck and please let me know if Net Mentor can help you with your keyword research. I may have mentioned that I do love it :)