Keyword Research: Don’t forget little old Long Tail!

Teaching my Introduction to SEO class this week in Sydney about Keyword Research, we spent some time talking about the difference between Short Tail and Long Tail Keywords.

Short Tail I said was like going for the big kill – Doctor, Table, Skincare. With lots of super high search volume traffic, but partnered with that is lots of competition and noise. Think of Table for example, people could be searching for coffee table, dining table, massage table, table tennis, antique dressing table - all contain the keyword Table so it would be hard to get any SEO traction unless you had a killer strategy.

Long Tail is just a more specific but still effective strategy – Sydney Womens Doctor, Marble Coffee Table, Organic Vegan Skincare.

Long Tail Keyword benefits include:

  1. Qualifying your customers - sure there are less people searching for those specific phrases but if that search phrase is what you sell, don’t you want to be on page 1 when people go looking for it?
  2. Lower competition - might be an easier win for SEO
  3. Lower bid prices if you are using a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy

Long Tail Keywords are often forgotten but they can help you find qualified customers for your product or service. I know it is hard to ignore those large search numbers for short tail keyword searches, and I am not saying don’t try for them but I want to entice you to consider the lower competition, higher quality of what little on Long tail Keywords can offer.

Long Tail Keyword Research

I like to use Ubersuggest for finding previously un-thought of long tail keywords. Obviously washing them through the Adwords Keyword Planner to see if there are any hidden gems with 100’s or even 1000’s of searches because you never know… but ultimately ending up with a nice little list of Long Tail Keywords relevant to my client's offering that we can then turn around and write as blog posts, utilise in FAQs etc


If you want to learn more about how I run my Keyword Research, take a look at our short online course where I teach you Keyword Reserach Best Practices that I personally use myself. I look forward to hearing how you go!