You own a small business and you know that you should be on social media, right.

So you build a business page, you ask your cients to Like your page, now what?

Do you share Friday funny jokes (yes)

Do you share content relevant to your business/industry (yes)


But what about your own content? What are your client's and potential client's really interested in reading?

You want to give them lots of great original content to read, that is what.


The Power of Facebook for a Business

Some interesting stats I found when writing my first book:
  • Nearly 2/3 of Australians have a Facebook profile and up to 75% of them visit every day.
  • An average Facebook user ‘Likes’ 9 brands. Why? They are probably already a customer or because they want to receive discounts and promotions.
  • But be warned, 63% of users have “unliked” a brand due to excessive postings. With a massive 38% having “unliked” a brand because they thought the content became repetitive or boring.
So, you know your business should be on Facebook and now you know why but...

Why share content on your Facebook Business Page?

  • It gives your business a personality.
  • Establish you/org as an expert/thinker
  • Support a target audience
  • Raise awareness about an issue
  • Keep your website content fresh and up to date
  • Sell! - It builds a “retargeting” list on Facebook of people who have visited your website and engaged with your content previously (good for FB Ads)

So how?


My Facebook for Business posting rules that I swear by

1.Make sure it is useful
2.Keep it short – don’t waffle!
3.Keep it natural – no marketing or pr speak
4.Make it meaningful – don’t just post for the sake of posting
5.ALWAYS link to your website or content at least
6.Be clear about the purpose (ask yourself after reading your post, so what? if you don't have a response, change it!)
and lastly, some ideas of content
  • Live video streams of your work in progress
  • Contests to name new products, win products or a prize
  • Customer stories / testimonials to celebrate
  • Videos - but keep them short
  • slideshows / visuals / photo galleries to showcase your work.


If you still would like some help, please contact me and we can discuss your Facebook Business page further and what we could do together.