I received an email the other day from an overseas SEO provider selling their SEO services to my SEO business. I do love getting these emails so clearly not vetted in anyway.

He talked about how backlinks and a good RSS feed are dead in terms of helping a website achieve good organic rankings on Google. That now the focus needs to be on On Page SEO.

I am pretty sure On Page SEO has always been a factor and focus of SEO but I digress.

So what is good On Page SEO and what does it mean?

On Page SEO is the nuts and bolts of your own website. Things that you can control such as your content including blogs, your images, your url or web address, your headings and so on.

To have good On Page SEO means that you have a well-constructed website with quality content.

To achieve that here are my top 5 tops and some advice:

1. It’s all about your target keyword

If you are a business that sells portable speakers, your target keyword would need to be specific because Speakers covers too broad a market. So if you sell portable speakers then you would ideally have a web address called www.portablespeakers.sound  You would also feature that keyword in product names, titles of images, and as headings throughout your website.

2. Make use of ALL your Heading Styles

Make sure you utilise your H1, H2 and H3 heading styles in your website and especially in your blogs. This helps Search Engines understand the theme/tone/topic (the 3 T’s) of your website. Don’t abuse the Heading styles, 1 H1, 2 H2’s and multiple H3’s is fine.

3. Use internal links in your website

For example when you are writing a blog, make sure to (hyper) link to other related blogs, additional information pages or the contact us page of your website. You want to keep your intended audience reading on your website, so make it easy for them.

4. Use your keyword as your internal link anchor

My favourite tip: What I mean is, instead of linking from the words “contact us” link from “portable speakers”. For example at the end of the blog you could write, Contact us for the latest deals in portable speakers (hyperlink to the contact us page from the words portable speakers)

5. Make sure to use the Alt Tag feature for your images

Don’t overuse your keywords but it is an opportunity to explain what your picture is about or why it is relevant to the page you are inserting the picture. I also like making sure the file name of the picture is keyworded for a little extra lift.

With On Page SEO, it is about relevance and quality. Don’t abuse the methods, use them wisely. Every little bit helps and if you keep your keywords as your focus you will definitely see an improvement for your website in organic search.

Of course, please contact us if you are interested in how we can help with your on page SEO.