So I very quietly launched this week, yay!

It is a new side project of mine helping out Marriage Celebrants here in Australia in a very crowded market.

I sent out a few targeted emails to people to start building the listings with heavily discounted rates (let me know if you know a celebrant that would be interested!) and commenced a small yet effectively targeted Google Adwords campaign.

Working in SEO, I know my keywords. I have known from the beginning of the design phase for the whole project. I know that people search for them and I went out there and constructed an Ad campaign in Google Adwords to start the ball rolling with those keywords in mind.

I teach people how to run Keyword Research, I am paid to run people's Adwords campaigns for them and I do very effectively and yet, day 3 and still none of my keywords are triggering my Ads!


The little speech bubbles in Adwords are telling me that my ads are running, Ah no they are not!

Now what?

As I said it was a soft launch, on the down low but still I hadn't told Google Adwords that. They don't need to keep it a secret. Shout it Google, I implore you.

In class, I teach my students to be patient. It is time I take my own medicine.

I know the keywords are right, my ads are approved, my credit card is current, so now I wait...